New model for deep mantle conveyor belt system at the core of the Earth

I chose this article because I find plate tectonics interesting and it is amazing to think that the ground below us is constantly moving. I got this info from a website called Phys org and it is talking about how Geophysicists in the Earth-Life Science Institute at the Tokyo Institute of Technology say they have found a deep mantle conveyor belt  that may have been active in the Earth since its formation around 4.5 billion years ago.

Most geological activities are done by plate tectonics which is where plates collide, pull apart and go on top of each other. Beneath the tectonic plates is the 3000km thick mantle where molten rock is circulated under high pressure and temperature and is called convection currents. This process tries to get the heat out of the earth’s interior and the action is similar to the motion of water boiling in a pot.  Convection currents also control the tectonic plates which are near to the surface.  After a long period of time they subside because one plate slides on top of another and sinks to great depths.  This new model described by these Japanese scientists has given geophysicists a new way to understand processes that drive our planet.




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